Katni Marble

                              Katni marble

Katni marble is very good quality of color marble and stone. It is exporting in bulk qty. from India to other countries. Katni marbles looks like Italian marbles.

Katni beige marble

Pink katni marble

Light green katni marble

Katni marble designs

Light brown katni marble

Katni marble flooring designs

Katni marble images

Katni marble price

Katni marble price is starting from 40 Rs. per sq. feet up to 100 Rs. per sq. feet.  We are very big katni marble company. We are selling our product all India. But mainly we are selling in Chennai, Delhi and kishangrh market.

Mostly peoples ask too many questions regarding katni marble. I am trying giving best ans.  here.

Q1. What is katni marble and how it looks.

Ans. Katni marble is stone. Which produce from Katni, Madhya Pradesh, India. That knows as katni marble. It is very good quality of stone.  It has too many colors and sheds like katni beige marble, pink katni marble, Light green katni marble, katni gold marble and it have too many design patterns like cross lining, straight lining, diamond  figure and galicha pattern.  These all patterns you can use in katni marble floorings with designs. It looks like Italian marbles. It have very good shine.

Q2. We heard that marble have crack and filling is it true or not?

Ans. It is 100% truth. Katni marble does not come without cracks and filling. But remember Italian marble is selling 240 Rs. Plus in India market but that is also 100% crack and filling material. If you want to go for color marble, than you have to compromise with cracks and filling. But if you will purchase higher range katni marble than cracks and filling will live too much lesser. So don’t worry about it.

Q 3. What is the price range of katni marble?

Ans.  Katni marble is starting from 30 Rs. Up to 100 Rs. Per sq. feet. But 30 Rs. Up to 40 Rs. Will live second quality.

Q4.  Which sizes are available in marble slabs and tiles?

Ans. all random sizes are available in katni marble slabs.  Minimum 3.25 feet * 3.25 feet and maximum 8 feet * 9 feet sizes are available in slabs. All lesser sizes than 2*2 feet are available in katni tiles including 2*2 feet.

Q3.  What is the life of katni marble and pin holes like Italian marble and color change like rajngar marble are available in this stone?

Ans. no pin holes and no color change available in this stone. It is very good quality of stone. It’s life very good for you next seven generation you don’t have any need you change it.

Q4. why should we buy katni marble from kishangarh marble market. we can also purchase from katni directly.

Ans. Respected sir, katni is place where it produce in around 100 k.m. area. but there is not any good market for katni marble. kishangarh is asia’s biggest marble market. here approx 9000 marble sellers are at one place and here you can also see too many product similar to katni marble .